Can I use the MDRS on French Horns?

We did not think of using MDRS on horns when we were first developing it, and none of our R & D was ever performed on horns. However, NAPBIRT member Jim Thomas has developed methods of using the MDRS in horn repair, and we suggest contacting him to discuss the subject.

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  1. Tim Negus

    How do I get in contact with Jim Thomas? I’d like to learn how to use the MDRS for French Horn repair. Thanks.

    1. admin_jen

      Yes, you can use MDRS on French horns. Since Jim Thomas has retired, we do not know how to get in contact with him any longer.

      1. Tim Negus

        So what is the technique for using the MDRS on French Horns, or was Jim Thomas the only repairman who had figured out how to use it on French Horns?

  2. Tim Negus

    So,… how do you use the MDRS on French Horns?

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