I do not want to spend the money for both of the 2″ MDRS tools, why can’t I just buy the 2″ flat faced tool and a 2″ RAT disc and take the radius disc on and off as needed?

We seriously worked on this concept during the MDRS research and development but discarded the idea for on very important reason: your finger are more valuable than any amount of money. We manufacture and assemble all of the MDSR tools, and we are here to tell you that the final assemble process is not for the weak of heart. Once an Armor Plate disc is applied to a 2″ N52 magnet, it requires a very concerted effort to remove it even by someone who works with making the tools regularly. Someone trying to pry the discs on and off the magnet is going to harm themselves, damage the magnet, or both. Purchase both the the tools, they will quickly pay for themselves and you can enjoy using them with all of your fingers!

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