We know we need the MDRS in our shop, but are having trouble convincing the shop owner to purchase it. Please help!

Do you have 10 each of the following horns come into you shop each year: baritone horns, euphoniums, baritone saxophones, tubas, sousaphones, marching baritones? If you have those 60 instruments come in, most (if not all) will have inaccessible dents in the boot and/or the first branch. In the past, since you are not going to disassemble every instrument to remove dents, you probably sent the great majority of those instruments back to your customers with the dents still in them. If you charged each customer only $25 per instrument to remove such dents, you would have enough extra income to pay for the MDRS Ultimate Shop Set Up. Of course, you will charge more than $25 per instrument (unless you are completely nuts), therefore without the MDRS you are missing out on a lucrative profit center.

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