We purchased the MDRS Ultimate Shop Set Up but the dents just don’t come out as easily as we were expecting.

If you have been repairing instruments for any length of time, you know that some instruments have thin hard brass, some have thick soft brass, and some have every other thickness and tensile strength of brass. The effort it takes to remove any given dent with the MDRS is completely dependent upon the thickness and strength of the brass with which you are working. Some dents evaporate like magic using the basic 1.550: N52 flat faced tool , while others resist removal even with the application of the 2″ RAT. Some of you who have been NAPBIRT members for a while will remember Don Hobbs from Eltham,. Australia. Don always invited his technician friends to come down under for a visit and told that that while they were there he would demonstrate his DHLDR (Donald Hobbs Liquid Dent Remover). ” Simply brush on and the dents disappear!” Unfortunately for us, LDR only worked at the confluence of an Australian latitude and longitude. At the present time we are unable to offer for sale either DHLDR or Elbow Grease. If you look at the examples provided here, you will see that some require more Elbow Grease than others.

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