What is the MDRS Extension handle used for?

It is a multi-purpose tool. Unscrew the eye bolt from the end of a tool and screw on the extension handle. It balances out the tool a bit, but you will also notice an increased magnetic ability. During research and development, we worked with an Emeritus Professor of Magnets from Michigan State University who was a pioneer developer of the Atomic Particle Accelerator at MSU. He taught us about increasing and altering magnetic fields: A cylindrical magnet 2 inches in both length and diameter has on its left side a north pole of 1 inch, and on its right side a south pole of 1 inch. Attached to the south pole is the 5″ x 1″ metal bar handle. The south pole of the magnet is drawn into the bar, increasing the size of the north pole and making it stronger. Attaching the extension handle will make the entire magnet the north pole and the handle assemble the south pole. Want to increase the power of the magnet even more? Unscrew the head of one of your other magnets, unscrew the eye bolt from the end of the handle, and screw the head onto the end. You have now created a tool that resembles a miniature barbell with a magnet on each end that act as the poles and are now much stronger. For convenience, you can also set up a tool that is flat on one end and round on the other, eliminating the need to switch tools while working on a job.

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