Parts & Accessories

8″ Mylar Discs


For abrasion prevention

MDRS Mag Caddy


Handmade oak too caddy for holding all four MDRS tools, keeping them organized
and within easy reach.






MDRS BC Ball Set Oak Organizer Box


This box holds the BC ball sets for easy organization and size selection





MDRS Versatile Puller


By attaching this tool to the magnetic head unit of an RAT tool, it can be used like an automotive body dent hammer



Mini MDRS “The Tanabe Tool”


A creation of Wayne Tanabe, this tool was designed to be used in smaller diameter tubing and in areas not normally accessible without disassembly, the Mini MDRS is used in conjunction with your dent hammer to remove dents in these hard to reach areas.

Skyhook 2.0″ MDRS N52 Radius Axial Attachment


SkyhookAttaches to any Ferree’s Dent Machine or Ferree’s Dent Machine Stand, allowing you to perform all of the operations of a MDRS Skyhook/Dent Machine leaving both hands free to control the work



Magnetic Amplification Handle


May be used in place of the standard handle on any MDRS tool. Made of solid steel with black anodized finish and knurled for a sure grip. The MAH increases the power of any MDRS tool. 1.5″ diameter x 6.0″ long