Thank you for sending the MDRS tools. I have worked with the tools and they work perfectly as advertised. I have removed some otherwise very difficult dents from a saxophone in about ten minutes what otherwise would take much longer and the end results would not look as nice. Thanks again and best wishes.
Marius Kowalski
I got in early to the MDRS craze. Even in its infancy, this system was far and away the best thing since the cheese grater was invented. I have most of the upgrades and have mastered most situations using the techniques I have learned over the years. If you do any brass at all, or have the occasional saxophone with a crook dent, you owe it to yourself and your customers to have this system.
Mike Nye
The MDRS is a fantastic product and I could not live without it. As a tuba player and repair technician, owning a MDRS was an easy decision.  The second I started using this tool, I realized just how truly amazed my customers would be with the results!  I've used it on every type of large brass, from student to professional model, and never have I found that the MDRS couldn't do the job.  If you do any brass repairs in your shop, you owe it to yourself and to your customers to get this tool.
Andy Smith
Eastman School of Music Class of '09
I got my system about 10 days ago. It works exactly "as advertised!"  It won't do every type of dent removal, but it does a great job on the vast majority of dents that I see on saxophones.
Steve Goodson
I just received my Radius Axis Tool a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with it and the 49 ball set is fantastic, just today we use the RAT on a baritone horn and now we are working on a Holton French horn. Next week we try Trombone tuning slides and a couple of Miraphone flugle horns. We are totally convinced that the MDRS was the best thing that we have ever obtained to remove dents. Thanks Eric and Wayne !!! Hasta pronto.
Philip Herman
I'm having a blast with it! Bari sax boots and baritone/tuba bows are done faster than it takes to get the tool out!  I have saved the "feedback" sheet that came with my order and you can count on my sending it.
Rich Feldman
This tool is an amazing break through for our industry. I agree, this is not the perfect solution for all dent work but for a PC shop, it is a tremendous addition to the tool inventory. This week was "national sousaphone week" at my shop. What a joy to be able to get those "rascally" dents that have just been sitting there for years saying "I dare you to take me apart and get me out". You know, not quite enough dents to justify taking the darn thing apart. I have been having a blast with the MDRS and have been totally pleased with the results. Thank you Wayne and Eric, for your hours of experimentation and for sharing your findings.
Julie Jurgenson